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Amir Birjandi
President & CEO

  • 27 years in the engineering and construction industry

  • Civil Engineering (C.E.) with an emphasis on Construction Management (C.M.), Engineering Law, and Economics.

My Story

Amir graduated from the University of Utah in 1996 with a degree in Civil Engineering (C.E.) with an emphasis in Construction Management (C.M.), Engineering Law, and Economics.


Amir began his career as a field engineer and during his tenure working as a Regional Project Director for PCM3 Construction Management and Sr. Construction Manager for SMC General Contractor, he was responsible for overseeing large-scale construction projects in all areas of civil and vertical facility projects.  


Amir’s main philosophy is that a strong process is crucial to execute top performance, and believes “only what gets Measured will get Managed”.  His core principle is driven by providing a Scale of Impact over a Scale of Organization to the client by staying laser-focused on the project goals and objectives to define the “Project”.

Top manager office

Leader • Problem Solver • Facilitator

With both General Contracting and Construction Management experience, Amir is able to anticipate potential risks and propose resolution options that are in the best interest of the client in addition to effectively facilitating the construction program.
Amir also played an important role as a Sr. Project Manager for SMC Construction Company, working on the Regional Sheriff, Police and Fire Academy new construction project at Camarillo Airport in Oxnard California which involved construction of a 55,000 square feet concrete tilt-up state of the art building facility.


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