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Construction work planning

CPM Services


CPM dominates the execution Plan by bringing effective insights and efficient solutions toward the development and management process of the Project’s Lifecycle.

At CPM Corporation, our unique multi-disciplinary capacity and strong independent team-member collaboration process with the industries’ brightest professionals, give us the advantage and opportunity to go beyond client expectations and satisfaction.


CPM Corp Tennant Building Improvement

CPM’s commercial construction knowledge-based experience covers a highly inclusive list of Building Improvement services for clients looking to improve the quality, ambiance, aesthetic and performance of their facilities.

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CPM’s Construction Management (CM) services begin once the project site or facility acquisition has been completed and the project design development phase begins. CPM offers clients the choice of aiding in the selection of the design team or to oversee and provide milestones assessments for the design development,ensuring that the design is constructable and meets the design timeline and budgetary parameters for the construction phase.

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CPM provides multi-discipline and discrete Project Control and Professional Engineering services to clients. These services are offered to clients as needed to augment staffing or to address unique issues that may arise over the life of a program or project. ​ The CPM team have decades of experience and expertise to help clients in risk management and resolving potential problems and/or disputes.

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Beginning from project conception, CPM professionals develop a plan to manage all processes from site/facility assessment through planning, budgeting and acquisition. CPM will further provide recommendations for, and management of the client’s selected design and construction teams to meet the desired form and function of a new, modernized, or re-purposed facility from conception through project delivery.

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Managing construction cost is part science and part wisdom. CPM’s approach to cost control is backed by decades of experience and foresight. CPM provides cost control services to clients to help clients control their Program Development, Design Development, and construction costs.

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The use of modern construction technology has allowed us to increase productivity, improve collaboration, tackle more complex projects and achieve more. Technology has also made our construction sites safer and workers more efficient. As a result, we’re able to build stronger, taller, more energy efficient structures and better utilization of building space for our valued clients.

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