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epoxy floor Mix the resin in the auto repair service garage. New epoxy floor for industria

Concrete Polishing 
& Epoxy Coating

Your Complete Solution To


Concrete Resurfacing

At CPM, we are a Team of seasoned engineers, construction managers, and highly skilled trade craftsman professionals.  Our team experience coupled with the utilization of modern technology and advanced equipment, allows us to maximize quality workmanship and increase field performance productivity during installation.

Working with General Contractors

CPM provides all necessary product information, technical specifications, and information needed to help your clients make better-informed decisions for their flooring needs and budget.  CPM also ensures the highest quality workmanship for the flooring installation and facilitates the implementation of all safety measures and procedures



A simple but crucial maintenance program will keep your commercial floors and exterior surfaces safe and in great condition which will prolong the life of your investment.

CPM will work with you to determine which products are most effective and best suited for your facility’s floors.



Holes, spalled or rough concrete, and large or uneven joints can create trip hazards within your facility. They can also cause unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment and floors. Completing simple but necessary repairs will help ensure safe floors for your employees and customers and at the same time increase the longevity of the concrete floors. 



We develop a detailed construction schedule that outlines safety procedures and protocols that will encompass and bind all effecting project elements such as moisture, humidity, temperatures, curing time, business operation hours & limitations, and all other anticipated factors prior to the start of the project.  We continue to provide progress reports and updates to keep the team fully informed throughout the project.

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