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Cost Control & Risk Management

CPM provides cost control services to clients that will help clients to control their Program Development, Design Development, and construction costs.

Managing construction costs is part science and part wisdom. Through decades of experience, CPM’s approach to cost control is backed by both.


Effective cost control begins on day one of a well-defined project development Phase.

Diligent property/building assessments, value engineering, constructability reviews, periodic estimates through design, bid analysis, and the right design & construction team selection will yield positive results.


Diligent management of contract administrative deliverables, design & construction execution, timely disbursements to vendors, adequate change forms, contemporaneous resolution of design and construction phase issues.

CPM managers are experts and provide clients with transparency and peace of mind.


We integrate comprehensive software solutions that enable detailed committed cost, cost to date and cost variance data which CPM utilizes to identify cost influences early in the process.

This enables CPM to develop options and make early and informed recovery decisions to avoid or mitigate negative financial influences.

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