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Construction Management

Beginning from project conception, CPM professionals develop a plan to manage all processes from the site/facility assessment through planning, budgeting, and acquisition.


CPM will further provide recommendations for, and management of the client’s selected design and construction teams to meet the desired form and function of a new, modernized, or re-purposed facility from conception through project delivery.

CPM possesses the experience to effectively manage K-14 DSA regulatory reviews and complex project close-out processes


CPM’s field managers implement strict project control protocols from day one to project delivery, including regular progress and preparatory meetings, constant quality assurance and contractor quality control.


Cost & Schedule are top priorities for CPM. Our managers are experts in schedule management. They also track every dollar of the project budget and assess the slightest variance up or down.


CPM experience in contract document control is unparalleled. All documents are formal and pertain to discrete issues.

CPM logs and tracks all project documentation and deliverables.

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