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Project Program Management

Beginning from project conception, CPM professionals develop a plan to manage all processes from the site/facility assessment through planning, budgeting, and acquisition.


CPM will further provide recommendations for, and management of the client’s selected design and construction teams to meet the desired form and function of a new, modernized, or re-purposed facility from conception through project delivery.

The success of every project begins with awareness, a thoughtful plan, clear and concise communication process.


CPM’s program and project expertise ensures that building and property assessments for renovation or new construction will be comprehensive to making the project challenges and decisions to facilitate the most beneficial outcome for CPM clients is achievable.


CPM performs detailed constructability reviews, oversee trade discipline value engineering, prepare detailed Design Development and Construction Document estimates including design and construction proposal analysis.


CPM carefully vets all potential design and construction firms to ensure CPM clients have the most qualified professionals to select from for the development of project profile.

This ensures the right people are on the project team.

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