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CPM team members have played a key role in the successful delivery of many projects in the hospitality, commercial and educational facility industries. We have been very successful in establishing quality relationships with several local and regional subcontractors and suppliers who share our values of integrity, quality workmanship, and modern technology.


Construction Management At-Risk (CMAR)

With CMAR role of responsibilities, CPM commits to the project and takes responsibility for the risk associated with budget and scheduling parameters identified and agreed upon, manages the project, and deploys staff and other resources in the pre-construction and construction phases of the project.

The benefits include:

  • Protect Your Interests

  • Reduce overall Project Cost

  • Enhance Quality Control 

  • Set Reliable Budget 

  • Streamline Communications

  • Effectively Manage Project Control Measuresi.e., Contract Administration, Cost Estimating, and scheduling.

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