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A. Mike Rafati
Director of Operations

  • 30 years of experience in business management, sales and marketing in the technology and construction industry

  • Licensed Real Estate Professional

Mike's Bio

Mike is responsible for CPM’s business operation, projects delivery, design, estimating, Sales, and marketing.

With an extensive background spanning over three decades in the technology, construction and real estate sectors, Mike has over a decade of specialized experience in home building, construction management and Land Development. His expertise encompasses project management, strategic planning, mixed-use housing, real estate development, as well as sales and marketing strategies.

Before joining CPM, Mike spent 10 years with R5 Ventures and R5 Homes where he served in senior management roles. Mike played a key role in launching and managing R5 Home, where he managed operations and oversaw the construction and sale of more than 200 homes.


Discussion With Two People

Problem Solver • Team Player • Facilitator

With extensive experience in real estate, Mike has a broad range of skills, including land development, design, and project management.

Mike has overseen the construction and sale of more than 200 homes for R5 Homes in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Additionally, Mike is a business coach who has played a significant role in strategic planning and successfully launching multiple companies from scratch.


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